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LeninseHuong nice one
14/10/2018 05:36

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14/10/2018 05:05

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samyut2000 any comment on this counter?
24/09/2018 20:16

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Oliveoil Hi anyone here
04/09/2018 23:28

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Tenangzin zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
26/04/2015 01:47
Tenangzin zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
10/05/2015 00:44
Tenangzin Just wake up he he
24/05/2015 23:41
Tenangzin zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
17/11/2015 14:04
195410 Good progress
10/08/2016 16:46
siam8888 Great perform
09/12/2016 23:40
195410 Any good news?
31/01/2017 01:04
195410 Bright future...hoping
05/04/2017 11:42
195410 CBM ready to be commercialized
04/10/2017 13:36
195410 CBM Reserves Certicication........ good news
21/02/2018 14:47
195410 POD to PERTAMINA is ongoing. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
31/07/2018 13:54

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Alexmartin0015 https://www.kalkine.com.au/companies/auscann-group-holdings-ltd.aspx
auscann asx
25/07/2018 11:07

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Bluey Good time to consider investing here
20/12/2016 13:53
rman1 Post removed. Why?
21/12/2016 02:43

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ticktock With a 3ct dividend after Ex date, stock is holding up well.
"The overcapacity that everybody was so worried about is turning out to be moot because 2013 is shaping up as a record year for steel demand,”according to the chief analyst at Mysteel Research (300226), the Shanghai-based company that provides data to the National Development and Reform Commission.
05/09/2013 19:02
ticktock The mining, aviation and energy sectors are set to be the big winners from the Coalition’s election victory?? Will Abbott promise to abolish the carbon and mining taxes??
08/09/2013 19:02
ticktock creep.......creep.....creep
10/09/2013 17:37
ticktock THE successful $1.4 billion takeover of Aquila Resources by China’s Baosteel and Australia’s Aurizon should serve as a reminder of the upside in Atlas Iron’s Pilbara asset base, Atlas managing director Ken Brinsden says.
02/09/2014 10:57
ticktock Baosteel-Aurizon acquisition of Aquila highlighted the potential value in Atlas’s suite of undeveloped iron ore deposits. Atlas’s $600m market capitalisation appeared to reflect only its existing production base of 12 million tonnes a year and ignored the potential of the company to take advantage of the additional 31 million tonnes of port capacity allocated to it at Port Hedland.
02/09/2014 10:59
Conan Takeover...fantastic
06/05/2018 05:33

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leslieroycarter ICQ will be given free to Rev in Malaysia at ratio 1 for 1 . Now Rev has been trading more than double its previous price . Ex on 21st April 2017. So punters r eagerly waiting even b4 ex . We expect more activity after ex given that Rev will involve in the setting up of Malaysia online business with Jack Ma...
13/04/2017 12:41
leslieroycarter Online buying n selling will b a forte in the future bypassing all conventional type of business.
Buying n selling cars can b cheaper compared present practices.
13/04/2017 13:58
leslieroycarter Carlist.com very popular here ....
12/05/2017 18:42
leslieroycarter Malaysian under Bursa klse who bought Rev shares had been given free ICQ shares one for one recently. I think online buying n selling will b a trend of new marketing n trading in the near future . With further upgrades in the software n Hardware package, its services can b enhanced paving the way of trading in a more condusive way.
06/07/2017 12:19
leslieroycarter This one must really go for Long....
10/07/2017 18:45
leslieroycarter ICQ not doing well ?
16/08/2017 18:35
leslieroycarter jack ma said , believe in internet n all things related to internet, e - trading , e -media, e -cars , e- data , e- storage , e- money , e- purse , e- shoppe and all the e's ...
25/09/2017 14:22
leslieroycarter Anything start with e denotes future in nature
11/02/2018 19:10

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