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Motley Fool's Andrew Mudie's stock picks for 2015 WATCHLIST 10 If you're going to invest a large portion of your portfolio in income-producing stocks, you must consider the sustainability of the income. I have chosen the following 10 stocks based on 1) the sustainability of earnings and thus dividend, and 2) their yield. The reason for this is that there's no point getting a yield of 7% this year if it will drop to 2% next year!


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 AAC 0.920.00 
 TPO 0.090.00 
 SWTZ 2.430.00 
 AAJ 0.0080.00 
 SUNKOB 4.610.00 
 AAR 0.0560.00 
 VMX 0.2150.00 
 AAU 0.0080.00 
 SUROC 0.0010.00 
 MPL 2.850.00 
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