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only worth AUD0.60 now ? I thought it was trading at AUD2.00 ++ 2 years back

2012-09-05 18:35


i think you are in deep shit lynas...M'sia ppl don't like you le :)

2012-09-26 23:28


after malaysia change govement the share will drop until zero.
u still have time to let go the share now dun wait until malaysia election.

2012-12-11 04:25


after PKR takes over Malaysia parliament, kiss ur rare earth plant a good bye

2012-12-14 01:05


lol, i know someone buying this counter & northern mineral ltd

2013-01-07 20:53

Rina Yong

Lynas shares trend lower to 57 cents as more and more speculators get their fingers burnt ..
LAMP, BN endorsed unclear chemically radioactive plant at Gebeng is in deep shit now
Lynas shares supporters becomes suckers from the quick rich scam of
"the opportunities lost founder";range=1d;compare=;indicator=volume+rsi;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined;

2013-02-22 16:05

Rina Yong

At present Lynas issue of Kuantan picked up by HK news media to show the whitish slag and yellowish discharges (partially vitreous by-product of the process of roasted/smelting ore) floating on the Balok river .

2013-02-28 15:36


Anwar say he is backing Lynas plant if it is proven to be safe, got chance la. can speculate again :) yeah, going to get my revenge

2013-03-08 20:45

Rina Yong

Yes,saying by Kementerian Tenaga, Teknologi Hijau dan Air( KeTTHA)
< Save our drinking water, save life> is proved a lie by General Hospital Kuantan .
Is using cheap high quality drinking water from Pahang's capital Kuantan , a positive factor for Lynas rare earth processing plant investment ?
Lynas want cheap water to clean its unwanted liquid (poisonous wastes) is unsound and now backfired .
<It is claimed that Authorities supporting Lynas Plant in Gebeng are always working AGAINST our NOBEL ACTS of HTAA (Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital or General Hospital Kuantan )

HTAA has always been Pro-Active in conducting Public Awareness Campaigns On HealthCare as a practice of PREVENTION IN BETTER THAN CURE:D!!

We know the general rule to prevent Kidney Failure is to DRINK ENOUGH of WATER:)!

Here, HTAA is bringing awareness to public how to take care of their kidneys to PREVENT KIDNEY FAILURE, there PAIP (Pahang water supply board) announces Water Rationing >
There is drinking water shortage woe in Kuantan
The power in supplying to Kuantan residents' drinking water rest upon the hand of the minister of energy , green technology and water (KeTTHA)
Are Kuantan people that stupid and need their team of expert to tell us we need drinking water rationing because we are drinking and consuming too much water ?
Drinking water , the source of living humans.
The body can survive without food for weeks .
Without water , the body can only survive a few days .
see that need importance of water
Any Aussie intended to visit Kuantan this season ?
Touring Kuantan this season? Kindly read of this inconvenience.
High quality drinking water is a hope of all human lives . It is a sin to use drinking water to dilute poisonous liquid to be diluted as UN international standard of low quality water and discharge them into the Pacific Ocean .
In Kuantan , a resident , in hair dressing salon business , complain of how this drinking water is abused .
Management and customers in drinking and food catering services are affected with water rationing and low water supply.
Those traveling kindly take note of any inconvenience of low water supply while taking bath or even given "fishy smell" on your drinking glass/cups . Never have a hair cut in Kuantan and hoping have a good hair wash , you will be disappointed.
Allowing Lynas detoxifying waste , but does allow locals to use water . Kuantan does not water , afraid of foreigners being informed
只许LYNAS 排毒, 不许百姓用水!
关丹没水,怕国人知道 !
Lynas mau air – Bagi! Rakyat mau air – Tiada !

1 Bantahan masalah bekalan air di Kuantan
The protest of water rationing by Kuantan business group
无法忍受频频闹水荒 商民举横幅抗议 !


3 Bantahan masalah bekalan air di Kuantan
Kuantan ppl.. from water board notice shown :
starting from today till Friday no water.. thank you government.
Stop Lynas snatching Kuantan resident drinking water to clean up its wastes .
Note to use drinking water as industrial cleaning water is a sin morally wrong even though if it is legally right ?

2013-03-21 00:45

Rina Yong

SELL LYNAS all the way ,,
News of low profit derived from Lynas products will be out .
Lynas will not be able to make enough profit from the cheap LREE
produced from LAMP at Gebeng ..
Malaysia media show "Bogus White House Energy Adviser" to
push up its credibility as the safest in the world ..
Lynas plant one of the safest in the world, says fake white house energy adviser
By now , all here knows that Jack Lifton is a fake White House Energy Adviser
Advise the Advisor: Secretary Chu on Energy Policy | The White House
In the latest installment of Advise the Advisor, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu asks for your feedback on meeting President Obama’s goal of reducing our oil imports ... ...
Obama climate push to tie environment, jobs: White House adviser | Reuters
This time around, though, Obama won't have the $90 billion in economic stimulus funds that his
administration earlier pumped into clean energy and "green ...

2013-03-21 00:49

Rina Yong

Lynas "dead cat bounce" shows its downtrend is intact . It will be treading lower and lower as this 2 years there is no dividend paid out and politically a high risk noted as BN endorsed counter. Time for BN rule is numbered so is this Lynas corp .

2013-03-22 17:17


after the the Fukisama tsunami at 2011, uranium & nuclear energy haven't got any chance to recover to its peak

only when the world energy like oil & gas spike again, will nuclear & clean energy come into picture again, bye bye for now

2013-06-04 21:03

Rina Yong

From the point of view of investor , it is not a good area for investment ..
From Investor viewpoint , Lynas is a new player in the market and fail to perform as it does not able to meet environment standard of its own country and make a processing plant in a third world country . In a third world country , no regulation exist for rare earth processing . Just a basic EIA and RIA report which is preliminary and good for licensing to operate.
2 factors that make Lynas an unattractive buy ,,
Firstly, rare earth processing plant need to submit a detailed (EIA) and detailed (RIA)report to convince the public at large. Failing which it is just not good enough to operate responsibly and answerable to the local residents there. It is noted that the gaseous/liquid/solid wastes are highly polluting and accumulative.

Secondly, prices of these rare earth have peaked and continued to fall and pricing is competitive. Production will supersede the increase in demand thus driving the rare earth price downwards.

Finally new starter players in this industry will face losses more than profit. The established industries players will be able to knock out new starter players with their strong networking.

2013-06-12 14:08

Rina Yong

SELL LYNAS all the way ,,
Prices of these rare earth have peaked and continued to fall and pricing is competitive. Production will supersede the increase in demand thus driving the rare earth price downwards.

Finally new starter players in this industry like Lynas will face losses more than profit. The established industries players will be able to knock out new starter players with their strong networking.

2013-06-15 00:01


Watch LYNAS.........sell if u DARE!!!

2013-09-03 10:14


Watch the volume!!!..........a good sign.....

2013-09-03 10:35


""Chinese prices for rare earths have firmed over the past couple of months due to a crackdown on illegal rare earth production by Chinese authorities. A spokesman for Baotou Steel Rare Earth (SSE:600010), China’s largest REE producer, said in a conference call that the crackdown, combined with an increase in downstream demand, should improve rare earth prices in the second half of the year.""

2013-09-03 15:03

Rina Yong

Watch what volume ? Ohter RE counters , yes ? Advice to switch to better RE counter like Molycorp .?
The Deutsche Bank again issued a “SELL” advice on ground that Lynas is facing possible capital issues casting doubt on its ability to repay one of its debt facilities.
Punters has lost confidence in Lynas. Recently Lynas sold its first batch of rare earths at a huge loss for a paltry A$5/kg against a high production costs of almost A$20/kg! Besides, it only managed to sell 117 tonnes of refined rare earth oxide, a long way short of its highly publicised first phase target of 11,000 tonnes. Lynas finally conceded there have been equipment problems and processing times that were longer than expected.
As a new starter , no reputable potential buyers will touch Lynas’ products for fear of a backlash from green consumers who expect a very high standard of environmental safeguards and social responsibility.
No Safe Solution for Radioactive Waste and Pollution.
Until today, Lynas has yet to find a safe permanent solution for its radioactive waste even though the licensing condition has set a July 2013 deadline. It is still operating under a temporary licence. By right the Malaysian government should have suspended Lynas’ licence. Many of Lynas’ pollution, occupational health and safety risks and hazards identified by experts(according to SMSL) have yet to be resolved. As Lynas pays no taxes to Malaysia, the government will end up having to resort to public fund to tackle any major disaster, long-term pollution and hazards from Lynas. In the end the Kuantan local residents and Malaysian public will be left to deal with Lynas’ mishaps and its toxic waste.

So to all punters, don't be a suckers !!! Say bye bye to this counters .

2013-09-07 23:07



2013-09-10 17:36

Rina Yong

Speculators become suckers at this counters . Many have their fingers burnt and their purse stripe off their cash .
Foolish takeaway
While there may be great potential once the company is in full production, its Malaysian processing plant still has to wait about another two years before its temporary production licence is converted into a permanent one. Its emissions are being monitored by the Malaysian government, and several legal proceedings have been brought forward, though none at this time are impeding or stopping operations there.

Speculators may want to take a punt at this, but value investors will want to see clear and steady revenues and returns to truly measure the prospects and future earnings, so now is not the time to stick your toes in.

2013-09-18 23:45

Rina Yong

Forget about this earth digging company . It will dig a hole for the "suckers" to be buried there at Mt Weld ..
Better Buy Singtel or other sel sites of Australia
Invest in wireless sel sites and be a future millionaire .
One Stock You Must Buy Before the NEW iPhone Hits the Shelves is the cell site companies ..

2013-09-19 14:56

Rina Yong

The production of rare earth oxides comes attached with a major problem: radioactive waste. The mining of the rare earths and the processing of the various elements produces large amounts of thorium as a byproduct. This material is radioactive and dangerous to human health. In China, lax environmental laws have allowed the country to build a monopoly in the market. However, now the country is looking to mitigate environmental damage from the production of rare earths, shutting down small mining operations, and raising environmental standards. This has had a dramatic effect on the price of these elements, which is why western companies are looking to produce on their deposits. One such company, Lynas Corporation (ASX:LYC) is building a processing plant in Malaysia that is coming under fire as concerns about the disposal of thorium and the effects on the local population mount. There is a possibility that this liability could become a resource of rare earth mining companies, as thorium can be used as fuel for nuclear power.

“The 800-pound gorilla in every rare-earth venture's room, was the radioactive thorium- and/or uranium-bearing waste that will be generated by the extraction, separation, and refining operations,” stated rare earth expert, Jack Lifton.

2013-10-03 13:33

Rina Yong

A Malaysian Lynas worker , silly old Dr HW Looi with Lynas Long think that
Lynas thorium waste containing high amount of phosphate is good in planting his tropical fruits like Jack-fruit (Nangka) , Mango, durian and even be exported to plant grapes .
To Lynas share buyers
Do you know your Lynas thorium waste trying to distribute it as phosphate fertilizer will go into your food chain especial into oil palm products .
When Lynas is "secretly out -sourced" this phosphate rich thorium waste
to oil palm area and killing the oil palm industries ?
Malaysian farmers will be killed by your Lynas stupidity as in years to come , the soil will be concentrated with thorium and uranium content .
Radioactivity Distribution in Phosphate Products, By-Products ...
Http:// Cached
Previous studies of the variability of concentrations of natural uranium and thorium in the phosphate ores produced ... The slimes contain most of the waste

2013-10-18 14:03

Rina Yong

On Mon April 11 , 2011
From a height of 2.70 will a volume of 152,362,239
to a low of O.35 will a volume of 4,983,461 share change hand
today .Tues Oct 29 , 2013
Time for Lynas to do a structure exercise of reduction in share par value .

2013-10-30 00:02

Rina Yong

Exposing the lies made by Lynas Long from Lynas who says
Quote Lynas Corporation is committed to excellence in safety and health.
Lynas is committed to providing and maintaining a safe working environment
and preventing injury, illness and impairment to the health of its employees,
business partners and the community. unquote
Here is the fact finding part
Lynas Long you are telling lie,

as Jade Lee brought out Lynas inccident
Go and find the family of the dead worker/s who died as a result of working at the Lynas plant. One died offsite and another died onsite.

Go and find the injured worker who was so seriously injured that he was sent to KL and then even to Australia for treatment. His nephew got scared seeing the uncle so badly injured and quit.

Such glorious OH&S track record no wonder Lynas is constantly having to replace workers.....!! Go and ask around the engineers in Gebeng and they will tell you decent professionals are now keeping away from Lynas even if the pay is many times higher!

Karl Robbins ask Please explain yourself and show us your cite Jade Lee. And wouldyou also show us the cite for the dead workers?

Sam Liong replied From pahang daily portal , 2 workers died
Pahang Daily Online: Panas: Dua "Kakitangan Lynas" Meninggal Dunia Akibat Terkena Bahan Kimia...
ikut procedure dosh kilang kena tutup bahagian operasi tempat kejadian berlaku kalau tak dosh pun sama je sia minta reckod kemalangan

2013-11-01 15:32

Rina Yong

Lynas share ended lower 0.305 . Hitting a new low , with an AGM tomorrow in Sydney.
News about determined and committed Malaysians and their supporters calling for shareholders to divest and sending very strong and clear message that Malaysians will fight to shut down Lynas.LAMP at Gebang there .
Himpunan Hijau , Mr Wong Tack holding a protest of a million signatures against Lynas camped out at the Lynas office .
*Himpunan Hijau is currently camping out 24 hours a day outside the Lynas Headoffice at 56, Pitt Street, Sydney until the Lynas AGM on 29 Nov.
Malajzio: Kampanjo “Haltigu Lynas!” aktivas en Aŭstralio · Global Voices en Esperanto
Agado por haltigi minadon de Lynas [lajnas] en Malajzio jam komenciĝis antaŭ kelkaj jaroj. Bedaŭrinde la registaro de Malajzio ŝajnas ne preni serioze sanproblemojn de la loĝantaro en Kuantano, kie fabriko de Lynas estas konstruata por produkti maloftan teron (aŭ raran teron). Kvankam multaj loĝanto...
From Wong Tack website
<Green comrades in Sydney. Hope to see you at the 'Protest Lynas Shareholder Meeting' tomorrow, 29 Nov from 8:30AM, opposite Establishment Hotel, 250 George Street, Sydney.

Wear GREEN!>

Back home
In Malaysia , public was informed about the cost of clean up of the toxic radioac tive waste due to be left over by LAMP >.
Gerhard Schmidt, a Senior Scientist and a toxic and radioactive waste expert from the Oeko Institute in Germany has done a thorough analysis and evaluation of Lynas’ waste and pollution blue print. He said.

“In Europe, past mistakes have costed the public a lot of money to clean up decades later till today, not counting the health care costs that might have resulted from the hazards. The Malaysian Gov
ernment should take the scientific advice to require Lynas to manage its waste and pollution to international best practice standards and not to leave another expensive toxic legacy.”

2013-11-28 23:31


walao le...from all time high at AUD 2.5++ back dated at year 2011, now only AUD bek jia lat

2013-12-10 01:53

Rina Yong

Time for Lynas to do a structure exercise of reduction in share par value
.From a height of 2.70 will a volume of 152,362,239
to a low 0.265 - 0.275

2014-02-11 23:44

Rina Yong

Gold mining stocks BULLISH as punters took TURNS TO ROTATIONAL PLAY

Share to Buy: Alacer Gold Corp (AQG) 25 Feb
Kula Gold awarded Environmental Permit for Papua New Guinea gold project 26 Feb
Niuminco Group estimates Inferred Resource for Tasmania tin project 26 Feb
Promesa Limited ready to drill Alumbre copper-gold-molybdenum target in Peru 26 Feb
Bassari Resources highlights profitability, quick payback for Senegal gold project 26 Feb
Scotgold Resources gains funding, Scotland's first commercial gold mine? - 10:00
GBM Resources intersects visible gold at Lubuk Mandi in Malaysia - 15:0

Is JPMorgan holding alot of shares at 60cents ? Something very unique about this target price by JP Morgan which funded Lynas ?

Currently Lynas is a highly gear stock of debt servicing . Rare earth prices will remain low as all mining companies venture into gold
12 Banker Suicides Linked to JP Morgan Investigation for ... Cached
In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains the link between 12 banker suicides and JP Morgan Chase. ...
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12 Banker Suicides Linked to JP Morgan Investigation for Forex Manipulation. Friday, February 21, 2014 12:04 % of readers think this story is Fact.
JP Morgan Executive Commits Suicide by Jumping Off London ... Cached
JP Morgan Executive Commits Suicide by Jumping Off London Headquarter, Marks Second Senior American Banker Death in Two Days
Suicides in the banking world, 7 deaths within weeks | Voxxi Cached
The financial world has been rocked over the past few weeks as seven bankers have died, several of those committing suicide. In an unsettlingly short span of time ...
New Clues in Suicide of JP Morgan Banker Add to Mystery Cached
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2014-02-26 15:36


Lynas oh Lynas... Why are u so low... karma karma~

2014-12-03 14:27


aiyo, karma oh karma

now Tun Mahathir allowed Lynas to operate at Malaysia, now how ? Can throw rotten eggs to Wong Tak & DAP already

2019-06-07 09:07

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