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Environmental Monitoring
<Since the commencement ofLAMP operations in November 2012, the measured emissions on site have consistently been significantly lower than the limits specified in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
and Radiological Impact Assessment (RIA).
Lynas provides real-time monitoring of these emissions at
LAMP, and the results are transmitted to Malaysia’s
Department of Environment (DoE) and to the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB).
Rare Earths Market
As stated in the March 2013 Quarterly Report,
Lynas projects
Rare Earths demand will grow at above-GDP rates over the medium term driven by increases in demand from key sectors such as Rare Earths permanent magnets, autocatalysts and fluid cracking catalysts (FCCs)which in aggregate are projected to account for
around half of global Rare Earths demand by 2015.
Nevertheless, the current Rare Earths market
remains subdued. Prices this calendar year have continued to fall
, although there are now emerging signs of stabilisation in some categories.In response to this macro environment,
Lynas has implemented a program to reduce operating costs and
expenditure and is optimising production
at the Phase 1 capacity level. Lynas intends to continue
operating at this level until higher market prices are reached.

From the point of view of investor , it is not a good area for investment ..
Firstly, rare earth processing plant need to submit a detailed (EIA) and detailed (RIA)report to convince the public at large. Failing which it is just not good enough to operate responsibly and answerable to the local residents there. It is noted that the gaseous/liquid/solid wastes are highly polluting and accumulative.

Secondly, prices of these rare earth have peaked and continued to fall and pricing is competitive. Production will supersede the increase in demand thus driving the rare earth price downwards.

Finally new starter players in this industry will face losses more than profit. The established industries players will be able to knock out new starter players with their strong networking.

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